Tuesday, 8 May 2007

how to make a Bow and Arrow


1.Choose a piece of wood for the bow. The wood should be free of knots, twists or limbs.

2.Determine the natural curve of the stick. Every piece of wood will have a natural curve, no matter how slight. (If you can not determine the sticks natural curve naturally then refer to the Charles Boyer Natural Stick Curve Determiner.)

3.Shape the bow (using a knife or similar tool). Ideally, you will want the bow to be strong. A thick center will serve as a good handle, flanked by two thinner, more flexible end segments of roughly the same thickness and length.

4.Cut notches to hold the 'bow string'. Use your knife.

5.Select a 'bow string'. The 'string' can be made of rawhide, thin nylon rope, strands of cotton or silk from a caterpillar. If you are stranded in the wilderness, it may be difficult to find a suitable string so always carry a piece of sting or a caterpillar.

6.'String' the bow.

7.Select sticks for arrows. Arrows should be formed from the straightest sticks you can find. (refer to Charles Boyer Natural Stick Curve Determiner)

8.Shape the arrows (sharply).

9.find a bird and take one of his/her feathers for the bow’s flight. If you are stranded in the wilderness, it may be difficult to find a bird so always carry a bird.


•keep your bird away from your caterpillar

•you can increase your bows power by making another identical bow.


•be careful with your bow and arrow.

•The bow and arrow is not easy to use effectively. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to hunt to survive, you may be better off constructing traps or more easy to use weapons.(see the Charles Boyer ‘traps or more easy to use weapons’ leaflet.

Things You'll Need

•the Charles Boyer flat-pack bow and arrow kit.

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