Tuesday, 15 May 2007

how to rent an apartment

Renting an apartment is a great idea. Here are some of the steps to take and possibilities to consider if you’d like to rent an apartment.

1. Narrow down your search by location. Where do you want to live?

2. Come up with a wish list. List the things that are important to you, then try to order them by importance. Do you need to live on the top floor? Can you deal with carpets or do you need hardwood floors?

3. Does the landlord allow pets? If you have a pet, do you want to live with it?

4. Is smoking allowed in the apartment? If you are a smoker, make sure the apartment will allow smoking.

5. Is the apartment furnished? Do you need furniture in the apartment?

6. Only look at apartments you can afford. Otherwise you are wasting your time. can you afford that apartment?

7. Look online. for the apartment.

8. Scour the newspapers. look in the newspapers for the apartment.

9. Determine the ideal duration of your lease. Do you want a year-long lease? Are you planning to buy a ‘home’ relatively soon and only want an ‘apartment’ for a brief period of time? Are you healthy?

10. Sign the lease. Once you find the perfect apartment, it is time to sign the lease.

11. Put utilities in your name.

12. Move in.

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